Content Guidelines

Content guidelines

Teachable’s motto is “Share what you know.” This reflects the fact that the platform is intended for Creators to share knowledge and to educate and enlighten their students. If you're wondering whether Teachable is the right home for your content, please refer to the guidelines below.

Last updated 07/11/2022

As business partners to creators who specialize in a vast array of content, our top priority is to ensure the best and safest possible experience for members and students on our platform. As such, we have identified certain content that should not be provided on Teachable (prohibited content).

Our content guidelines are intended to provide additional information and are non-binding. This means that:

  • The type of content listed as well as the examples provided are not exhaustive.

  • Content not listed in the content guidelines should not necessarily be interpreted as acceptable (even if it probably is).

  • Reporting content that is prohibited doesn’t guarantee that the content, the lecture, the class, or the school will be taken down.

If you find content that you believe is in violation of our content guidelines, please file a report at [email protected]. Make sure to include the URL where you found prohibited content in your email.

Illegal content

It might seem redundant but illegal content is not allowed on the platform, whether the content itself is illegal or a vehicle for breaking a law.

Prohibited content

At Teachable, we strongly believe in and support freedom of expression. We also believe that Teachable should be safe and inclusive and reflect our values as a company. This means that there are topics and content that we do not support, beyond those that are illegal or in violation of our obligations towards our service providers.

The topics and content listed below are not allowed on the platform. Creators who offer prohibited content risk having their payments locked, school removed, or account terminated with or without prior notice.
Teachable does not preapprove any topics or content, including these that are not explicitly listed below.

Consent and Permission

At Teachable, we believe that no means no. Asking for permission is not just being polite, it is also the right thing to do. In some situations, consent is the line between legal and illegal.

On Teachable, Creators often upload media content such as video, audio, pictures, etc. If that is the case for your school, remember that you need permission to feature someone in your images or recordings. Making sure that you have all intellectual property and publicity rights is a prerequisite for publishing content on the Teachable platform (see Protecting Your Users’ Personal Information and Intellectual Property and Terms that Apply to Your Data). This includes avoiding the use of materials where individuals are not clearly aware they are being recorded for any reason (e.g. hidden recording device, inebriation, etc.).

Content teaching or encouraging others to avoid, force, or bypass someone’s consent is prohibited. Likewise, content captured without the consent or permission of the subject is prohibited.

Content for kids

Teachable is not for children under 13 years of age.

Therefore, you cannot offer courses that are targeted to children under 13 years of age or where you know or should know that children under 13 will be using the platform even with written consent from the parents of those children.

Deceptive content

We expect Creators to be honest and transparent with their students and to fully deliver what they promise.

Content that relies on deception to enroll students, regardless of the reason, is prohibited.


At Teachable we believe that sharing what you know is powerful, and as a result content needs to be shared responsibly. As a Creator, you are entrusted to present your knowledge and opinions in an honest and transparent manner. Blurring the lines between fact and opinion has repercussions outside of your school.

Content that is verifiably false and shared with the intention to mislead, manipulate, or deceive is prohibited on the platform. We have a zero tolerance policy towards such practices that may be detrimental to the public.

Hate and discrimination

Simply put: Be a good human. Respect for all people regardless of their ideas, their beliefs, their identity and their preferences, is a core value at Teachable. We value inclusiveness; our platform is made for all to share their knowledge with everyone.

We cannot emphasize enough that hate and discrimination have no room on Teachable. Hateful or discriminatory content includes any content that:

  • Asserts the inferiority of an individual or group of individuals because of any trait or characteristic (not limited to protected groups)

  • Promotes, celebrates, or calls for the use of psychological or physical violence towards an individual or a group of individuals

  • Glorifies and/or celebrates an individual or a group that engages in hateful or discriminatory practices

Harmful and dangerous

At Teachable we are committed to keeping our creators and students safe.
Teachable does not allow content that promotes, celebrates, or encourages harmful or dangerous behavior or actions that may harm anyone’s physical or mental health.

In a nutshell, do not put your students or yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.


Teachable is not designed to be used for pornography. Several other platforms serve that specific purpose; we don’t.

Sexually explicit material that is primarily intended to sexually arouse the user is prohibited on the platform. What we mean by “sexually explicit content” is a clear representation of sexual intercourse, foreplay, or any other sexual activity.

Pyramid schemes (aka Ponzi schemes)

A pyramid scheme is a business that is structured to generate income primarily or exclusively from acquiring investors, members, or distributors. Pyramid schemes are fraudulent, illegal, and unwelcome on the platform—period.

Content that facilitates, helps recruit members for, or promotes pyramid schemes is prohibited on the platform.

Regulated and illegal products

Teachable is meant to share your knowledge, not to be used as a payment platform for the distribution of regulated or illegal products.

Content that offers or sells products that are regulated in any state is prohibited. By regulated product, we mean any item that can only be bought under certain conditions (including but not limited to medical, age, etc.).

Unrealistic and outrageous promises

We believe that setting clear and realistic expectations is not just good ethics, it is also good business. Nobody likes clickbait or false advertising.

Content that is based on outrageous claims—monetary or otherwise—is prohibited. This means that you cannot lure students to enroll into your class by promising an outcome you will not be able to consistently deliver.


We believe that violence and its corollaries have no place on Teachable.

Content that teaches, promotes, glorifies, celebrates, or depicts the use of violence as an acceptable end in and of itself is prohibited. This includes the use of weapons, conventional or improvised.


At Teachable we appreciate that weapons can be used in a safe and mindful manner, and that the knowledge around them is valuable to many communities.

Content that shares weapon practices that may have a detrimental effect, either intentionally or unintentionally, on public or personal safety is prohibited on the platform.

Due to the safety concerns specific to the use of weapons, we have a zero tolerance policy if there is any indication that the content could lead to any form of violence.

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